So is a shared talent pool, like all the others?

Not really.
We start with a shared talent pool focused on Berlin tech startups. Candidates and companies can join and use the service free of charge. This represents our first use case. is a decentralized professional identity network connecting employees, candidates, recruiters and HR applications. We are empowering all recruiters and HR tech companies to access candidate data in an automated and cost-efficient way. Every HR company can integrate their complementary services and access our candidate data - as long as the candidate decides to share it with the specific company.

How does it work? consists of two main parts:

An open IT infrastructure connecting candidates, recruiters and HR applications via a decentralized protocol. This enables candidates to own and host your professional identity and share it with all other participants of the ecosystem. provides open source applications and open APIs for any service to connect with our candidate database. As an decentralized ecosystem, nobody has to ask us for permission to connect or access candidate data.
Our end-to-end recruiter suite:
- a shared talent pool with referrals
- an active sourcing tool and
- an applicant tracking system.

Additional services of several partners are already in development.

Where are’s server located?

As permissionless distributed ledger technology, consists of thousands of independent servers that run the decentralized gust.protocol, without the need for a central server architecture. Every transaction is validated and confirmed by the entire network via a consensus mechanism, and the history of those transactions is saved by all nodes. Thus candidate and recruiter data is neither centrally stored nor exploitable. The great part: No party can abuse the network or restrict others from joining it. truly is an open ecosystem with full data privacy.

Who are potential partner companies?

Any company, recruitment agency or HR application is a potential partner. is the common infrastructure that all partners use to connect with candidates.

Do you already have partner companies?

Yes! Job Ad Partner, Weißenberg Solutions and Karriera currently develop candidate- and recruiter-facing software that is integrated with


What is in it for me as a candidate?

Convenience, data security, and new career opportunities. With gust you own and control your professional identity. That means you only need to update a single profile and decide who can access your data.
Applying for a job? One click.
Sign-up for a new job platform? One click.
Don’t want to look for jobs but you are interested in offers? Let recruiters apply to you - only with relevant job offers of course.

How long does it take to set-up my account?

Less than a minute. You can import your basic information from your LinkedIn account.

What do I need to do?

Sign-up with in seconds and start receiving offers. It is that simple.

What information is included on my profile?

Your profile is divided into a public and a private section. The public profile includes your skills, qualifications, experience, desired roles, etc. Everything a recruiter needs to know to assess your fit with a job. Your private profile consists of your contact information and a detailed CV.

Do I have to pay for anything?

No, is completely free. Even better: you own, control and monetize your data. Therefor, we don’t have access to your profile and data. We call it “privacy by design”. The result: We will not and cannot sell your data or bombard you with advertisement.

Then how do you make money?

Companies can subscribe to use our premium sourcing tool with optional applicant tracking system, and we offer additional convenience features for companies. All services are free for candidates.

Do I really get money for joining?

Kind of. You receive tokens from interested recruiters who would like to contact you. Recruiters are always able to see the anonymous, public section of your profile. In case they are interested, they request to access your private profile (i.e., contact information, CV, etc.) in exchange for tokens and you decide whether you grant permission. On online exchange platforms, the tokens will be convertible into your currency soon.

A recruiter requested access to my private profile. What now?

You decide whether the recruiter may access your private profile based on the job information provided regarding salary, location, position, etc. The recruiter will then evaluate your detailed CV and consider sending you an interview invitation.

How do I recommend a friend and what do I get in return?

Simply send your friend a referral-link (Options>Referral) and receive tokens as a reward.

Can companies see my personal information without me approving?

No! They can only see your anonymous, public profile. They have to ask you for permission to access your personal information. Thus you may share your next career goals and aspirations without your employer and colleagues noticing.

I am currently employed and must give notice before leaving, can I include this information in my profile?

You can include your earliest start date in your profile. Companies offer you interview invites with this in mind. In fact, you can state any information in your profile that you regard as important, such as salary expectations, location, company size or job type.

I am currently employed and don’t want my company to see me, can I hide my profile?

Your public profile is by default anonymous. Your company can only see you if you decide to give your company access to your private profile.

I am currently a student but will soon graduate. When should I create a profile?

You can sign up to at any time. In fact, you can even start right away to give recruiters access to your profile. As soon as you update your profile, they will be notified that you are open for new positions. Instead of applying for a job and losing connection to your favorite employers after rejection, you can keep your profile shared and stay on the radar for future possibilities. Any company you have applied for during your studies will know about your career and academic progress and may offer you new opportunities. That is what we call a convenient job search.

Can I apply to companies on

Yes and no. is a professional identity network. However, you can apply on any job board or career platform with just one click by pressing the “apply with gust”-button on job descriptions of companies that use

What is the “apply with gust”-button?

The “apply with gust”-button gives recruiters access to your public and private profile. That means you can apply with only one click. No need to upload your CV or fill out a new profile.

Can companies search for my profile in the

Yes, but only your anonymous, public profile. Here you can decide who may contact you. If the company is not interesting for you, located in the wrong geography, or simply does not pay enough, they cannot contact you.

What if I would like to stop receiving opportunities?

You can define in your profile that nobody may contact you. It is your identity - you can decide.


What do I need to do?

You only have to access our web-based sourcing tool and sign up. The look and feel are just like other recruitment tools. Plus access to an up-to-date talent pool. Also, you can try out different solutions from our partners that we feature on our website. The larger the ecosystem grows, the greater the variety of services.

Why should I use

  1. You get free access to a shared talent pool.
  2. You uncover passive, hidden talent - candidates anonymously publish their career aspirations and you activate them with relevant offers.
  3. Ever heard of an actually working talent pipeline? Well, neither did we. So we built Experience and utilize up-to-date information about past and present candidates.

Do I have to pay for anything? offers a free sourcing tool and an optional and free applicant tracking systems. We also develop a premium version with multiple convenience features - including team management tools and advanced recruitment analytics, accessible via a monthly subscription plan. Also, candidates own their data, therefore to access their private information you have to reimburse them. However, that cost is neglectable to any other candidate sourcing expenditure for two reasons: 1. Only interested, relevant candidates accept your request. This saves a lot of time for your recruiters. 2. We recommend candidates to charge 0,3€ per request. Most of the companies we talk to calculate with 20€ per up-to-date CV - but most CVs are not necessarily relevant. We estimate an industry average north of 300€ per interview candidate who makes it to the interview - considering an average cost per hire of 3.500€ across the board.

When can I expect first results?

That depends how fast your screen the network. With our sourcing tool, you can directly search for specific profiles in the talent network and contact relevant candidates with your job description.

Do I need computer programming knowledge for the setup?

No. You can simply access our sourcing tool and optional ATS and start recruiting.

I already have an applicant tracking system. Can I use it to source candidates on ?

That depends on the applicant tracking system you use. Ask your representative about software implementations or just use our sourcing tool. You can easily transfer sourced candidates to your own ATS.

Will be used to replace recruitment agencies?

No. On the contrary. helps recruitment agencies spend less time on sourcing candidates and more on their core competencies: candidate interaction, relationship, assessment, etc. We can’t omit human experience and skills, and we instead strive to foster a supportive ecosystem for recruiters.

HR Applications


We have an open API and free candidate data. If you build a platform, we solve your chicken-egg-problem. You need to train your algorithms on actual data? Here you go. You want to expand your candidate base or tap new revenue streams? is your sweet spot. The network is decentralized, open source and open access. You can integrate with us as you wish - without paywall or restriction.

How do I integrate with

We will release our code via our GitHub profile in Q3. If you do not want to wait, just drop us a line, and we will get back to you asap:

What is the cost of using

There is none. Except for the reimbursement for candidates if you want to access their private data - and if candidates want to charge you for that access. If your service is adding value for them, they might share it for free. But that is neglectable to any other method of sourcing such high-quality, up-to-date candidate information.

Then how do you make money?

We offer a free sourcing tool and a free, optional applicant tracking system, with a monthly subscription plan for premium features for recruiters. However, any other ATS or HR service may use our open, feeless API and integrate with as well. We do not exclude anyone and do not restrict the access to candidate data - you need the consent of the candidate data though.

How do I know you will not paywall me? is decentralized and open source. There is simply no way for us to charge you and change the code because other participants can choose not to comply. You can actually trust and plan your business strategy long-term. Decentralized ledger technology is actually a fascinating way of giving users (in our case: candidates) the control over their data and simultaneously breaking the data monopoly of the big internet data collectors - enabling every HR Tech company to access a free, unrestricted API. Here, here and here are interesting articles about the topic.

Will always be open source and open access?

Yes. As soon as we have launched the public, permissionless network, there is no going back. The will then support the interests of all stakeholders: candidates, companies, and community. Think of it as the Linux Foundation.